“TRIO” helping those who need the most

“TRIO” helping those who need the most

Kolkata: The lockdown due to increasing spread of Covid-19 has made food supply more critical than ever. The need for timely food and other healthcare products and fear of not receiving on time have increased exponentially amongst poor. Amid the essential protocol of the lockdown to help curb the spread of the pandemic, everyone is staying at home and requesting others to stay at home on the other hand, few people are leaving no stone unturned to support the needy.

Three childhood friends Soumyalendu, Soumavo and Rahul established in their respective professional career, took a great initiative by coming up with an idea to help those people who are in desperate need for food during this lockdown. They named themselves “TRIO”. Along with their self contributions they asked their families and friends to contribute to their cause. With an overwhelming response, 50 people responded and contributed and 5 more people Shashank, Raunak, Soumik, Kausik & Bubai came forward as volunteers and helped them in their noble cause.

From 25th April, 2020, with the assistance of Ramkrishna Mission (located at Vivekananda’s ancestral home), Kolkata Police and local charitable bodies and similar such small organizations they managed to supply essential staples and hygienic items which contained Rice, Moosoor Dal, Potato, Soyabean packets, Mustard Oil, Salt, Soap and Face Masks for 750 people covering more than 250 families. Their volunteers personally hit the streets, homes and localities where distribution were necessary, this crowd included Rickshaw Pullers, Coolies, Daily Wage earners and aged people. During distribution they have also distributed about 150 Masks to street dwellers who didn’t have masks with them. The stray animals and birds are also being fed everyday since 25th April. The whole idea of their mission is to provide help to those people who are yet to receive any kind of help and are struggling for their basic needs.

This indefatigable effort from “TRIO” is continuing and their contact numbers are 9831137862/ 9830730308.This noble initiative of “TRIO” needs to be supported to bring in smiles to those who need the most at this hour of crisis.

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