A Song of Promise

A Song of Promise

Kolkata: Needs…we are all born with them but then there are some who require extra attention towards their needs and maybe because of that they are ‘special’ for all the good reasons.

To bring change in the lives of such special people you need courage and determination. Only then one can make the difference. Srijan Sobha has been relentlessly working to add more colors to the kaleidoscopic life of such a few.

Simply by providing the required support and imparting appropriate training which includes educational, academic, functional, and vocational, amusement, rehabilitation, and even hygiene Srijan Sobha has extended their hand of friendship, and to join in their ever-expanding circle of friends singer and songwriter Suman Mickey Chatterjee and music producer Shamik Guha Roy together had come up with a fundraiser concert named ‘Chotobelar Golpo’ on 31st July, 2021 at 8:00 PM, arranged by none other than Carpe Diem.

What an evening it was! The love and support shown by all the well-wishers were not only just overwhelming but heart rendering too. The dynamic duo touched the right chords of everyone’s heart. Indeed music is the only language that can connect people from different walks of life and the evening proved it to be true. It was not only ‘special’ for those beloved special friends but for all.

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