Asian Paints unveils ‘Colour of The Year’ and ‘Wallpaper of The Year’

Asian Paints unveils ‘Colour of The Year’ and ‘Wallpaper of The Year’

Kolkata: Now in its 19th edition, Asian Paints ColourNext is the voice of trend forecasting in the Indian subcontinent, known for its exemplary insights on colour and décor trends. By researching the socio-cultural trends of the year and its influences on colour, design and lifestyle, ColourNext 2022 announces the most anticipated Colour of the Year – Transcendent Pink (Shade code – Clematis Pink N, K048), says a press release.

As per ColourNext’s research, in 2022 the mood is to take challenges in our stride and remain undeterred. This sentiment is echoed in the Asian Paints Colour of the Year, Transcendent Pink, which celebrates fascinating changes and powerful transitions.

With inputs from experts from a range of disciplines across architecture, art, interiors, fashion, sociology and more, ColourNext puts together a comprehensive forecast of trends in colours, materials, textures and finishes for those who design for the subcontinent at large. ColourNext trends have a far-reaching influence and are one of the foremost colour and decor trends forecast since 2003.

The Colour of the Year – Transcendent Pink, (Clematis Pink N), has a mature transitional quality, comparable to our ever-expanding consciousness/sensibilities. A combination of blue and red, this greyish purple represents a mind that has the ability to blend new knowledge and old wisdom to harness both. A colour that encourages us to believe, arise and create anew. While 2021 was a year of major changes and lessons, 2022 is the year for taking everything in our stride and marching on. A time to break free from stigma and stereotypes and grow like a sapling through the surface of the earth.

In keeping with the larger mood for 2022, Wallpaper of the Year – Lotus and Stilts – not only embraces transition but celebrates it. Like birds that adapt to the changing seasons, like a lotus that blooms in the most unlikely places. The natural scenery of the Nal Sarovar Lake and its migratory birds, are translated into the gorgeous patterns of the wallpaper. Bring home the soft healing power of nature Lotus and Stilts from the Nilaya Nal Sarovar collection.

Speaking on ColourNext 2022, Amit Syngle, MD & CEO, Asian Paints Limited said, “Once you free yourself from traditional mindsets and open up to a new outlook and way of life, it’s incredibly life-changing. ColourNext 2022 is all about embracing the new and translating that into décor spaces. The four new trends We/Us, Hope You’re Well, Artify, and Solo Commerce hint towards unlocking a different reality through acceptance, empathy, confidence, community, support et al. Transcendent Pink, is surely going to inspire us all to rise from the ashes of the normal we once knew, to explore a whole new kaleidoscope of life.”

For consumers to design and re-decorate their spaces in line with the latest trends and colours, for the first time, Asian Paints has curated their own collection of décor, furniture and furnishings in line with the theme of ColourNext 2022 Colour of the Year. This specially curated collection of products are available for view and purchase on ColourNext website’s shop page –

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