Beat Winter Laziness: Washing utensils made easy with Nimeasy

Beat Winter Laziness: Washing utensils made easy with Nimeasy

Kolkata: Washing dishes has always been a cumbersome chore in winters. To ease the burden of cleaning tough stains from utensils, ITC’s Nimeasy, a dishwashing gel with Enzyme Technology that gives “Lift off Action”, helps in the removal of greasy, oily and stuck on food particles from surface of the utensils.

The dishwashing gel has Neem extracts and Citrus fragrance that leave the utensils smelling fresh and washes away bacteria. It helps remove malodour of various foods including garlic, egg, onion, chicken, cooked fish etc.  

After applying the dishwashing liquid on the utensils with tough food soil like a kadhai or pressure cooker, the next step is to soak them in water and leave it for 25 minutes for the enzyme technology to show its Lift off Action. The grease and tough food soil can then be washed away without the effort of scrubbing.

Nimeasy can also be diluted and used normally with a scrubber for other utensils like plates, spoons, dishes, etc. The Enzyme Technology led dishwashing gel enables ease in dishwashing chore by reducing the effort that has been associated with scrubbing.

Nimeasy Dish Wash Gel is available on ITC E-Store – along with leading E-commerce platforms and across stores in the markets of West Bengal.

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