Bhinna Japon: Exhibition cum Sale to promote sustainability

Bhinna Japon: Exhibition cum Sale to promote sustainability

Kolkata: To promote sustainability, Let’s Run Green in collaboration with SwitchON Foundation, DRCS, Prakriti launched ‘Bhinna Japon’, a three day exhibition cum sale of sustainable products and services from 12 to 14th January at Balia Balak Sangha Club Ground, Model Town in Kolkata.

The exhibition aims to captivate and inspire individuals eager to embrace a lifestyle centered around eco-conscious choices. The exhibition features a diverse range of eco-friendly products and services from leading green startups dedicated to creating a positive impact on the environment.

Around 500 people attended the exhibition. From renewable energy solutions to zero-waste lifestyle products, the attendees had the opportunity to explore and experience the latest in sustainable living.

Vinay Jaju, Managing Director, SwitchON Foundation, said, “The exhibition created awareness and encouraged the adoption of eco-friendly choices and responsible consumer habits. Only through conscious decisions can we craft a greener future.”

The exhibition is giving a platform for technology transfer and sourcing opportunities. It includes engaging center-stage presentations by industry experts, hands-on workshops, and interactive sessions to educate and motivate attendees to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

The event is an immersive experience into the world of conscious living, with stalls spanning various themes such as natural farming, medicinal plants, urban waste management, sustainable tourism, books, natural clothing, solar products, water management, cycling, and a delectable food court, among other eco-conscious offerings.

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