CINI commemorates 50 Glorious Years of Service in a Tram Show in Kolkata

CINI commemorates 50 Glorious Years of Service in a Tram Show in Kolkata

Kolkata: In a momentous event celebrating 50 years of dedicated service, the Child in Need Institute (CINI) hosted a special tram show on the iconic Kolkata Heritage Tram Ride.

As the Child in Need Institute (CINI) proudly celebrates 50 years of unwavering commitment to the well-being of marginalized populations, its mission stands as a beacon: to ensure that children and adolescents achieve their rights to health, nutrition, education, protection, and participation.

CINI adopts a human rights-based approach, rooted in a vision to create a friendly and responsive community where children and adolescents can achieve their full potential.

In alignment with these guiding principles, the upcoming grand tram show on the Kolkata Heritage Tram Ride has set clear objectives: firstly, to raise crucial awareness about maternal, child, and adolescent health and nutrition issues within the community; secondly, to highlight and celebrate CINI’s impactful legacy of five decades in serving the underserved and un-served marginalized populations; and thirdly, to actively engage the community through a rally and informative leaflet distribution, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to the well-being of Kolkata’s citizens.

In million-plus metropolitan cities, the urban scenario differs significantly from rural contexts, marked by inward and outward migration, unhygienic living conditions, and unique social factors contributing towards the nuanced challenges faced by children in metropolitan environments.

Recognizing this, CINI endeavours to create a child-friendly urban space, by focusing on the most vulnerable urban children — those residing in slums, on the streets, in red-light areas, and in train stations, often belonging to migrant groups, including environmental migrants.

The organization remains committed to navigating the dynamic urban landscape, advocating for the well-being of the most marginalized, and ensuring that no child is left behind. CINI’s collaborative effort in engaging different stakeholders not only underscores Kolkata’s rich heritage through the tram show but also solidifies the collective commitment to making Kolkata a child-friendly and healthy city.

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