Clean Air School Championship to be launched by SwitchON Foundation

Clean Air School Championship to be launched by SwitchON Foundation

Kolkata: SwitchON Foundation will be launching Clean Air School Championship on Friday. Leading schools from across Eastern India will be taking part in the initiative in the form of a competitive challenge towards curbing air pollution and taking climate action. 

The initiative will be launched at a webinar. Leading principals and teachers from various schools will be joining the initiative. As part of the programme, winning schools will get awarded with solar rooftop power plants, rainwater harvesting kits etc.

The Clean Air Youth Leaders Program initiative aims to make students aware of the clean air and environment related hazards and give them an idea of practical environment friendly activities that they can take up even at their own homes.

It also aims to make future generations aware of the urgent need for attention for both clean air and environment. 

Vinay Jaju, MD, SwitchON Foundation said, “Through this initiative, children and young adults will be empowered to take positive action by sensitisatizing the citizens, mobilizing the media, policymakers and stakeholders. Additionally, they will deal with the problem by launching city-specific actions that focus on the problem of air pollution in their neighborhood.”

He said, “The mobilization of educational institutes will help them take up activities with their students, which would motivate the younger generation to nurture environment-friendly habits.”

Acknowledging that access to clean air has recently been recognized as a human right and following 29,000 children globally calling on the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) to acknowledge their right to clean air.

SwitchON Foundation’s Clean Air Youth Leaders Program supports children, school goers, college students and health professionals to advocate for clean air. 

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