Colours of Pujo: Asian Paints Sharad Shamman felicitates Heroes of the state

Colours of Pujo: Asian Paints Sharad Shamman felicitates Heroes of the state

Kolkata: Durga Pujo celebrates the victory of good over evil every year by honouring the Goddess Durga in different ways. This year Asian Paints Sharad Shamman through ‘Colours of Pujo’ acknowledges the unconditional efforts of five heroes of West Bengal who selflessly invested their time and energy to helping those in need, and spreading colours of joy.

In recognition of their heroic deeds, Asian Paints felicitated these five brave hearts at a special ‘Colours of Pujo’ event held in Kolkata. With their effort and contribution to society, these heroes make Durga Pujo celebrations even more meaningful and special.

The initiative ‘Colours of Pujo’ by Asian Paints Sharad Shamman is a heartwarming new addition to the existing property. The shade-card dedication is a handpicked selection of shades from the Asian Paints collection that are named after and represent five of these champion individuals and their exceptional stories from West Bengal.

It pays tribute to the dedication of these people, towards humanity and its restoration. With ‘Colours of Pujo’ Asian Paints Sharad Shamman displays that every story is important, and there are numerous colours in these stories of the people. The event recognized these five heroes- Bapi Da, Jhumki Banerjee, Dr. Anamitra Barik, Srabasti Ghosh and Nilanjan Mishra who were felicitated by top personalities from the Bengali Film Fraternity.

Each individual’s story struck a deep connection with everyone. Below are a few details of five heroes who have touched everyone’s heart with their efforts and contribution to society:

  • Bapi Da, known as the “Green Taxi Man of Kolkata” as his taxi has a roof top garden that is self-curated, helped Covid -19 patients who were struggling to find an ambulance or any other vehicles to reach hospitals. The colour Lime Grove is named “Bapi Green” in his honour. 
  • The shade Wild Pink is named “Rosy Jhumki” after Jhumki Banerjee, a social activist contributing to child education & welfare to kids who reside in Red Light areas of Kolkata. During the pandemic, Jhumki ensured that regular ration reaches the family members of these kids by turning a school room to a base kitchen & also constantly counseling the kids.
  • Dr. Anamitra Barik who despite being severely down with Covid19 attacks twice in a span of seven months, came back stronger each time only to serve his patients relentlessly. The colour Crimson Depth is called “Anamitra Red” to applaud his perseverance.
  • Mid-Day is the shade that is now called “Srabasti Yellow” after Srabasti Ghosh who shaped “Covid Care Kitchen Services” to help the elderly and people who had lost their livelihood during these tough times.
  • Social Activist from the Sunderbans, Nilanjan Mishra has the shade light blue named after him as “Nilanjan Blue” to acknowledge his efforts during the pandemic when Super Cyclone Amphan impacted the Sunderbans and its natives. He reached out to 2000+ families in the cyclone hit islands with rations for months, arranged for medical camps, cleaned and re-curated 300+ water bodies across the islands which became unusable due to the infiltration of saline water.

‘Colours of Pujo’ is an extension of ‘Asian Paints Sharad Shamman People of Pujo’, a meaningful initiative that has been lauding noteworthy individuals and their extraordinary stories of selflessness and heroism since 2016.

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