COVID19 situation has brought opportunities for the Digital domain: Kaushik Bhattacharyya, Co-Founder Pied Piper

COVID19 situation has brought opportunities for the Digital domain: Kaushik Bhattacharyya, Co-Founder Pied Piper

Kolkata: Two marketing and media professionals came together with their decades of experience to form a Marketing Services company Pied Piper in 2013.  Having experience across marketing domains, across the globe, Kaushik Bhattacharyya and Shilabhadra Sen decided to keep the range of services open to needs of the clients.

Bhattacharyya having a deep understanding of brand and core marketing, he was well complimented by Sen with going to the market with deep rooted contacts. A small team of Creative professionals, Activation experts and Production was knit together in a very short span of time and clients rolled in and remained in the fold with satisfaction.

Marketing Services was going digital and hence Pied Piper was diversifying. A little late entrant into the Digital domain, Pied Piper made up with two very important factors. Firstly, the knowledge domain was taken care of, by a rigorous academic plunge by Bhattacharyya and he acquired a Certification in Digital Marketing from the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School. Secondly, the Digital Planning was taken care by co-opting a very senior Media Planning professional Sabyasachi Ghosh, having relevant and vast experience working across the globe and in the biggest of the media agencies.

The creative team was reinforced with new generation professionals and provided with training on softer issues of consumer profiling, brand mapping, etc. while the old guards were imparted with relevant knowledge of the requirements of Digital as a new vehicle. Presently Pied Piper has a full-fledged Digital Media vertical with rare domain knowledge, strong execution expertise and strategic planning strength.

Kaushik Bhattacharyya says, “The Covid situation has brought opportunities for the Digital domain. And Digital surround has also provided enormous support in these trying times of the human existence. However, the sudden digital overhaul of the marketing domain may cause to lose many essential and finer aspects of Marketing and Brand Management. Human Thinking may be dubbed with Machine Learning. The better side is that, many subjective parameters can now be objectively established with digital tools combined with right marketing knowledge.”

Pied Piper Digital specialises in deep understanding of Market parameters, Consumer psyche and Brand Management.

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