Crompton enters Room Heater Segment

Crompton enters Room Heater Segment

Kolkata: Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd has announced its entry into the room heater segment with the launch of the new range called Insta Fervor Oil-Filled Room Heaters.

The new room heaters range does not reduce the oxygen content of the area thereby, preventing any suffocation or skin dryness and ensuring a cozy environment in the chilly winters. It is available across markets in India and ecommerce.

Crompton’s Insta Fervor Oil-Filled Room Heaters comes with a combination of functionality, aesthetics and innovation.

Along with being silent and providing uniform heating throughout the room, given below are a range of other benefits:

  • Three Heat Setting with Adjustable Thermostat – Helps to maintain the room temperature at desired level.
  • Ambient Temperature – Maintains surrounding temperature. After the desired temperature is set and if the surrounding temperature falls down, the room heater will adjust itself accordingly and increase the heating in the room.
  • Tilt Over Protection – If the heater falls down accidently, it will shut itself down.
  • Over heat protection – It shuts down automatically when gets over-heated and protects the heater from self-damage.
  • Quick heating with 400W PTC heating element.
  • Wave fins that heat large surfaces / rooms very quickly and comes in 9 Fins, 11 Fins & 13 Fins.
INSTA FERVOR 92400W14,800
INSTA FERVOR 112900W16,800
INSTA FERVOR 132900W18,200

Sachin Phartiyal, Vice President, Appliance Business – Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. said, “Considering room heaters are increasingly used today especially in the colder parts of the country, we wanted to develop a product that not only provides the basic need but is designed to keep the health and safety of the consumer at the forefront.”

He said, “Our new Insta Fervor Oil-Filled Room Heaters not only provides instant relief and comfort from the wintery chills but also its key features like preventing oxygen depletion and skin dryness stands out in creating a healthier environment.”

Room Heaters can be one of the most beneficial appliances especially on a chilly day. Known to heat up the room when the temperatures are low, many a times, convection or radiant room heaters uses oxygen as a medium of heating leading to various issues like suffocation & skin dryness.

In order to prevent such problems from happening, Crompton’s latest Insta Fervor Oil-Filled Room Heaters offers a great value proposition. This aesthetic-driven silent room heater is most efficient and effective, considering it uses oil as a medium of heating, hence, ensuring the perfect spread of warmth in each corner.

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