Crompton introduces its new Star Lord 3 in 1 Recessed Panels

Crompton introduces its new Star Lord 3 in 1 Recessed Panels

Guwahati: Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd has unveiled its new innovation – Star Lord 3-in-1 Recessed Panel.

After the successful launch of its flagship product ‘Star Lord’ ceiling lights that deliver maximum brightness and style last year, the brand is now taking its innovation up a notch with its new Star Lord 3-in-1 Recessed Panel.

Creating 3 different shades of white light in a single product, this latest creation will provide a multi – lighting ambience throughout the day depending on your mood and time thereby reimagining your home with the best of lighting. Crompton’s latest Star Lord 3 in 1 Recessed Panel range is an innovation and a one stop solution that will magically transform the feel of your room, creating a captivating setup to get the right mood going.

The rich range of features include: 3-in-1 interchangeable colors with higher lumens: Produces 3 different hues of white – Cool White (6500K), Warm White (3000K) & Natural White (4000K) to create the ideal setting of a warm and relaxed atmosphere that goes in line with your mood for the day. Superior lumen efficiency: Super-efficient 100 lumen/watt LEDs that ensure you get brighter light with lower energy consumption. Superior aesthetics: Features a modern & contemporary design with an Ultra Slim Rim (10mm thickness) in shapes of both round and square that looks good even when turned off. It results in a sleeker design which merges well with the false ceiling ensuring a more stylish décor that combines the perfect design and illumination to enhance /transform your space. Integrated driver for better fitment – Removes the hassles of fitment making it easier to install and replace the product. Warranty: 2 years

Vishal Kaul – Vice President – Lighting, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. said, “Crompton has always provided a range of lighting solutions that cater to your every need, by driving innovation as the backbone across all its products.”

“Our latest launch of the Star Lord 3 in 1 Recessed Panel leverages this very insight of creating a pleasant experience at home with its interchangeable colors. One light doing the work of 3 different lights, it instantly changes the mood of the room, transforming your space to express the desired ambience – be it work or play,” he added.

The price range, cut-out and wattage (W) for Star Lord 3 in 1 Recessed Panel includes Rs. 650 for 4 inches with 5W; Rs. 850 for 5 inches with 10W and Rs. 1050 for 6 inches with 15W. It will be available across India as well as on leading ecommerce platforms.

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