Crompton launches Deco Batten Lighting Solutions

Crompton launches Deco Batten Lighting Solutions

Guwahati: Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. has introduced its latest innovation – the ‘Deco Batten’ Lights.

The new Crompton Deco Batten Lights are set to transform the living space with a blend of style, design and superior functionality that delivers ‘Fancy Lighting’ and creates an atmosphere that accentuates your décor.

In the constantly shifting landscape of interior décor, consumer preferences have evolved and are seeking more than just basic lighting solutions. This is because of the growing demand for lighting fixtures that not only provide illumination but also enhance the ambiance and aesthetics of living spaces.

Moreover, consumers invest a significant portion of their renovation budgets in the living room – a space where they spend the most time and host guests. Today, they also seek to transform their living spaces with lighting that offers both comfort and a cozy ambiance.

With a deep understanding of their needs- Crompton’s new Deco Batten range is here to not only brighten up their living space but also accentuate the decor, revolutionizing home lighting.

Speaking about the company’s newly launched living space lighting product, Shaleen Nayak, Vice President & Business Head, Lighting at Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. said, “We understand that consumers are not merely seeking light fixtures but lighting experiences that transform their living spaces into showcases of both beauty and functionality.”

Shaleen Nayak said, “Our innovation lies in delivering style and glare-free illumination that doesn’t compromise brightness. With the Deco Batten series, we offer a comprehensive solution for consumers, ranging from good to better and best, ensuring that they can light up their spaces with style.”

The price range for Crompton’s Deco Batten is Rs. 699.00. Available across all Crompton authorized retail outlets across India as well as on leading ecommerce platforms, this new innovation is all set to present the perfect lighting for the varied moments of your day.

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