Cyclists demand removal of cycle restriction on Kolkata Roads

Cyclists demand removal of cycle restriction on Kolkata Roads

Kolkata: SwitchON Foundation organized a Cyclists’ Meet on the eve of nation’s 75th Independence Day where cyclists from all walks of life came together advocating for freedom to ride a cycle on Kolkata roads, says a press release.

Urging authorities to remove cycle restrictions, which have impacted their daily movement on Kolkata roads, the event was joined by livelihood cyclists who use a cycle for their daily commutes like those delivering essentials like newspaper, milk, ration, and other goods as well as cycling enthusiasts, cycling groups, IT professionals, sportsperson, doctors and business heads among others. 

The objective of the meeting was to collectively advocate for the removal of current restrictions on cycling across 62 major roads in Kolkata. Cycle restrictions are a hindrance to the lives and livelihoods of people who use cycling as their sole mode of transportation in the city. 

Vinay Jaju of SwitchON Foundation said, “The cycle restrictions must be immediately lifted from Kolkata Roads. We are ready to work closely with the Kolkata Police to ensure all traffic rules are strictly followed in making Kolkata a sustainable and liveable city.” 

The event displayed an open message board collecting signatures of citizens actively supporting the need for cycling in the city for congestion-free roads, clean air, and securing livelihoods dependent on cycle mobility and also demonstrated the need for transforming Kolkata into a cycle-friendly city by incorporating cycle promotive infrastructures.

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