Dabur Amla in collaboration with Priya Malik offers a fresh perspective on Karwa Chauth

Dabur Amla in collaboration with Priya Malik offers a fresh perspective on Karwa Chauth

Kolkata: Dabur Amla, a brand committed to empowering women and nurturing strong relationships, has announced its exciting new campaign, “Jadon se Mazboot Riwaaj – Karwa Chauth Special.” This time, the brand has collaborated with Priya Malik to reinvigorate Karwa Chauth in a way that’s unique and fun.

Karwa Chauth is a festival that wears multiple hats, seen differently by each generation. Some consider it a tradition still brimming with commitment and sacrifice, while others perceive it as a heartfelt celebration of love and dedication between partners.

With this campaign, Dabur Amla aims to present a fresh perspective, underscoring that Karwa Chauth is a voluntary expression of love and affection, far from being an obligatory ritual.

At the heart of the campaign is a resounding message: to ignite thoughtful conversations that move beyond the question of whether Karwa Chauth is outdated. It’s about embracing the strength of relationships and the beauty of equal partnerships.

Ankur Kumar, Head of Marketing at Dabur Hair Care said, “The campaign signifies a departure from the traditional narrative, and it’s all about celebrating the essence of love and strong partnerships in a unique and modern way. We believe through this narrative we will encourage and inspire people to embrace this festival in a new way, building a deeper understanding of this symbolic festival and will strengthen their relationship.”

Rohan Hukeri, Executive Vice President, Mumbai, Delhi – Brand Solutions, Schbang added, “The campaign is designed to break free from the conventional narratives and celebrate the festival as a symbol of love and equality. We believe that it will inspire and engage audiences in a whole new way, fostering a deeper understanding of the festival’s true essence in the modern world.”

The film eloquently showcases Priya Malik’s transformative journey with Karwa Chauth, influenced initially by her parents’ experiences. Following her marriage, Priya found herself cherishing the smaller gestures associated with the festival.

It became an opportunity to strengthen the bond, express devotion, and share love. Karwa Chauth, once perceived as an obligation, has now evolved into a jubilant celebration of love and equality within marriages.

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