Dashabuja Sarad Samman’21 is about to begin with suspicious Enigma

Dashabuja Sarad Samman’21 is about to begin with suspicious Enigma

Kolkata: Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals of state of West Bengal that is celebrated with great enthusiasm and grandeur. Durga Puja is most likely to celebrate with every religion and celebrate this special occasion everyone. The welcome address of ‘MAA DURGA’ is always special and takes a lot perpetration, Khuti Puja ceremony with dhakspuja billboards and banners are soon going to enlight city of joy. This year ‘Dosha Bhuja Sanman’- comes up with an interesting concept that visualizes different form to goddess.  The brand face of award will be Sanchari Das, renowned actress she is famous for her great work in serials and short films, says a press release.

Photo Journalist & CEO of Newsbeat Media India Kunal Roy Chowdhury says, “This year our ‘Dashabhuja’ concept is very unique. Few days ago we have launched a teaser with a tag line ‘Ebar Pujor Mukh Hisabe kake dekchen?’; that received a huge number of attraction. Today we are going to start our journey to this year ‘Dashabhuja Sanman’ and our face of this year Dashabhuja is Sanchaari Das’, well known actress. We are going to launch our first teaser of this year Dashabhuja Samman is soon going launch there billboard along with grand ceremony. This year is very special for us because this year ‘Dashabhuja’ is stepping into 7th year. Hope everyone will like our theme and concept.. But our main concept of Dashabhuja will remain undisclosed as we will come up with the idea and you will get to know more regarding this after few days, till then hope for best in future.”

Actress Sanchaari Das said “I was over happy as I am portraying maa Durga for first time in my Life.”

Shoot done by Photo Journalist & CEO of  Newsbeat Media India Kunal Roy Chowdhury Make up : Sandip Dutta  Dress by : Pragya Pandey ( MAAIYA) In this special Shoot  we have with us – Bilkes Parveen Chatterjee CEO of P & C Group, Subhankar Chattopadhyay (Roderang) Subhadeep Singh, Owner of deep Group of Companies.

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