Durga Puja: Aashirvaad launches ‘Maatrishakti’ initiative, lights up homes with ‘Mothers’ Energy’

Durga Puja: Aashirvaad launches ‘Maatrishakti’ initiative, lights up homes with ‘Mothers’ Energy’

Kolkata: This Durga Pujo, ITC’s Aashirvaad Atta has introduced ‘Maatrishakti’, a campaign aimed at invoking the divine power of mothers.

Through this Pujo-special initiative aimed at spread joy during the festive season, Aashirvaad is harnessing energy of mothers and converting it to electricity to light up homes in a power deficient village.

Aashirvaad has setup a tech-enabled energy floor at the Baghbazar Pujo Pandal. Mothers are invited to perform the iconic Dhunuchi dance on the floor which transforms energy generated by mothers’ dance to tangible electricity.

This electricity will then be used to light up homes in Malekanghumti village spreading the joy of the festive season. This village is located about 120 km away from Kolkata and home to thousands of people with little to no supply of regular electricity.

To further ensure that the residents have a reliable and continuous source of electricity in future, the brand, as part of its sustainability efforts, will install solar panels across the village.

Aashirvaad Maatrishakti, a campaign focused on spreading festive joy, enables the mothers in Kolkata to make a difference to the lives of residents in Malekanghumti. Aashirvaad with its right amount of fiber, through this campaign, exemplifies its commitment of celebrating the energy and dedication of mothers.

Participants in the campaign will be honoured with tokens of gratitude from Aashirvaad Atta, including the opportunity to embody Maa Durga’s avatar with the help of AI. Additionally, they will receive a certificate, and a thank you postcard for their contribution towards the people of Malekanghumti village and a vial of sindoor.

This Pujo, join Aashirvaad in enabling real-life mothers to be Ma Durga as they light up the lives of people with their divine energy.

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