Durga Puja: ‘Har Maa Durga’ campaign to honour mothers of every home in Bengal

Durga Puja: ‘Har Maa Durga’ campaign to honour mothers of every home in Bengal

Kolkata: ITC’s Sunfeast Mom’s Magic is delighted to introduce its unique campaign, #HarMaaDurga. This campaign, launched on the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja, aims to acknowledge and celebrate the incredible strength and resilience that every mother possesses.

As part of this, Sunfeast Mom’s Magic collaborated with mothers in Kolkata and for the first time ever, will be presenting 1008 Durga avatars.

Inspired by the 1008 names of Durga maa the avatars will be the embodiment of the goddess in reality. Each physical avatar represents a real mother transformed into the divine Durga Maa using AI technology.

In a world where mothers work their magic every day to protect her children from external forces, Sunfeast Mom’s Magic recognizes the similarities between mothers and the divine goddess Durga Maa, who also weaves her magic to fiercely protect her disciples.

The Sunfeast Mom’s Magic 1008 Durga Pujo Pandal at Ahiritola, was inaugurated today in a grand ceremony attended by renowned celebrity Koel Mallick.

One of the other key attractions of the Sunfeast Mom’s Magic 1008 Pujo pandal is that it intricately captures the essence of a mother. The interiors have been meticulously crafted and every art displayed at the centrum beautifully brings alive the role and significance of mothers in our lives.

It truly evokes the emotion of every mother and her children, whether it is laying the foundation of knowledge & education, singing him/her lullabies or lovingly feeding her child.

Ali Harris Shere, COO of Biscuits & Cakes, said, “We believe in the magic of mothers, and our #HarMaaDurga initiative is a tribute to the magic that they weave in our lives every day. By using AI to depict real mothers as Durga Maa, we aim to highlight the inherent power of every mother. Sunfeast Mom’s Magic celebrates the tireless dedication, exceptional warmth of mothers and appreciates them for their extraordinary superpower.”

Mom’s Magic reached out to 100 societies in Kolkata, and invited mothers to participate in #HarMaaDurga initiative. The photos of these moms were then transformed to create Durga Maa avatars.

Sunfeast Mom’s Magic invites everyone to join the #HarMaaDurga movement. Through the campaign website, anyone can create their mom’s Durga avatar by uploading her photo. They can share it on social media with friends and family, further magnifying the message of #HarMaaDurga.

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