Essential Tips on how to stay safe during this Monsoon

Essential Tips on how to stay safe during this Monsoon

Kolkata: The monsoon season is here and along with its beauty and greenery it brings in various diseases and infections which can be of threat to you and your family. Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, etc are common diseases that are at their peak during this time. It triggers flu, common cold, cough, and sore throat. The good part is that these can be avoided by following some basic everyday precautionary measures. 

Chef Kunal Kapur said, “During the monsoon months, everyone needs to be responsible for what they eat and how they consume it. The first essential step in doing so is ensuring that the vegetables and fruits bought from the market are cleaned well and stored correctly. For cleaning them I trust only Nimwash, a vegetable and fruit wash which effectively eliminates majority of the germs from fruits and vegetables with its 100% Natural Action. You can either pour the liquid into water and soak the fruits and vegetables in it or spray the liquid using the spray bottle. Easy to use, not time-consuming and fulfils the purpose of keeping your family away from consuming pesticides and germs and providing them with healthy food.”

More tips that should be kept in mind during the monsoon to stay away from unwanted germs:

Drop in temperature causes health issues like running nose, sore throat and fever. Include hot food in your diet and avoid any frozen raw foods.

Soaking your hands in water for prolonged time can aggravate cold. Minimize contact with water at home. For example: washing dishes can be one of the reasons behind it. To make the chore quick use Nimeasy dishwashing gel as it removes food stains and heavy grease from the utensils easily.

Wash your hands or use sanitiser frequently to keep them clean and germ free. This easy step will keep you protected from picking up symptoms of common cold and cough.  

Introducing these simple habits into our day-to-day life will help us keep ourselves and others around us safe and healthy.    

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