Feeling Stressed? Here are some easy tips to de-stress from the work from home stress

Feeling Stressed? Here are some easy tips to de-stress from the work from home stress

Kolkata: The COVID-altered lifestyle has thrown our personal and professional lives into a tizzy. The extended working hours, decreased social interaction and lack of a streamlined routine are taking a toll not just on our mental and physical health but also on our skin making it look dull and dry. While we have come to realize the importance of investing in self-care, the challenge is how do we address the need to unwind and take a break from the confines of our home.

Don’t worry! Here are some easy tips to de-stress and break-free from the work from home monotony and give your skin the much-needed hydration that it deserves.

Strike a Balance: This one is tricky. With work from home eating into our personal space, it’s important to set boundaries. Some definite ways are to manage your time, have set work hours, practice detaching from work and making time for personal life. It helps to set up a separate office zone, to transport you mentally and emotionally to a different environment. The idea is to enjoy your work and not let it consume you.

Bathing Ritual: The easiest way to unwind and de-stress your skin from the comfort of your home is through a refreshing bathing ritual that will have you buzzing with vitality in no time. The most effective way to treat yourself and your stressed skin is to take a long, relaxing bath with Fiama Gel Bathing Bars that are enriched with nature’s goodness. They moisturize the skin making it appear soft, happy and bouncy.

Hydrate: There is a reason why water is called the elixir of life; when we are stressed our body produces extra cortisol (the stress hormone) that causes dehydration, which can further lead to lower electrolyte levels. Stress and dehydration is a vicious cycle and the only way to break this chain is by drinking adequate water.

Stretch & Move: Movement is a great antidote to stress, it’s important to incorporate short movement breaks throughout your work day. A quick break in the form of a stretching routine, dance workout or a 10 min Yoga session could work wonders for your mood. This will help reduce screen fatigue, giving your body the much-needed respite from long hours of sitting in one place. That’s not all, it will also help you stay active and focus on your work. It’s advisable to take a short break every one hour.

Take a Break: Don’t envelop yourself in self-doubt, be kind to yourself and learn to let go. Acknowledge and accept that you might not be 100% productive all the time and it’s okay, we are humans not machines. It’s perfectly normal to feel stressed out, don’t get worked up about being stressed instead give yourself the liberty of taking a guilt-free break.

So, the next time you feel over-whelmed with work from home stress, revisit these reminders, to keep your mind and skin stress-free.

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