Fiama launches new campaign with actress Sara Ali Khan

Fiama launches new campaign with actress Sara Ali Khan

Kolkata: ITC Fiama Gel Bars has launched a new TVC with Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan. The new campaign shows how every day stress affects people and not just mind and mood, but also skin gets stressed, leaving it dull and dry.

Fiama Gel Bars, with the goodness of natural ingredients, help skin feel soft and happy. The campaign shows how Fiama Gel Bars help relieve stress on skin.

On the launch of the campaign, Sara Ali Khan, said, “Fiama personifies everything fun and vibrant for me. My bath is my time to indulge, unwind and de-stress. I think Fiama Gel Bar is such a unique offering by the brand. It brightens up my mood and my bath.”

The TVC is playful and weaves in the elements of joy, positivity and mood upliftment. The narrative builds on how a hectic day leaves the body, mind and skin fatigued. Sara is surprised to hear her skin echo stress. A bath with Fiama Gel Bars uplifts her mood and leaves her skin feeling soft and moisturised. 

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