Giving your kitchen showstopper-esque vibe

Giving your kitchen showstopper-esque vibe

Kolkata: A kitchen is the most intense and hardest working room in the house. Spending more time at home during the pandemic has allowed consumers to become more creative with their cooking and boosted their confidence in the kitchen.

Kitchen is also one of our most used living spaces and it’s not just restricted to cooking alone. It plays a crucial role in helping us unwind after work, entertain family and friends, or catch up with our loved ones over a nice evening meal. While you may not think about it, your kitchen is a great place to add decorative yet functional elements like modern tools and accessories that bring in style, aesthetics and innovation while being mindful and responsible.

thinKitchen (, an omnichannel retailer offering global, premium kitchen and homeware brands shares few quick ways to give the kitchen a facelift:

Clutter-Free Kitchen spaces: If you have a Pinterest board of your favourite kitchens or when you browse through social media, you’ll see that most great-looking kitchens seem like they are barely used. The counters are totally clear and you see no trace of appliances like toasters. The secret to a clutter-free kitchen is a space roller and pull-down shutters – they help you help conceal everything you would like to keep out of sight.

Kitchen tools as design elements: Maximise utilitarian purchases by investing in tools that serve a function and an aesthetic. Get a big chopping block that’s colourful and edgy or a knife set that looks appealing and leave them in a corner of the counter as decor elements. Options like Richardson Sheffield’s knife sets are made from carefully selected materials, with on-trend designs can give your counter top Insta-worthy vibrance. You could also get water tumblers in bold metallic tones like the once from Zoku to spruce up the water filter area.

A vase can be the answer: Unpopular opinion, but there are always nooks in the kitchen we don’t know what to do with. Consider adding drama to these corners with a bold vase like the one’s from Dartington with some decorative barley stem propped in. This gives you a healthy confluence of bold and chic while sticking to the kitchen theme.

Add in some cool storage jars: There is always that see through glass cabinet in the kitchen that gives away the secrets of your ways. Use this space to add colour and drama by filling up your staples in clear glass storage jars. See through Brabantia jars gives the space a neater look and the way you arrange them can be no less than a clever installation.

Clever lighting: Accents of light always gives a space a glammed-up look and feel. Install some LED strips inside cabinets or over countertops to eliminate shadows and immediately make your kitchen look like it’s gone through an upgrade.

Add some great looking serve ware: Invest in some cool serve ware to give a luxe feel to the kitchen or the dining area. A colourful salad bowl, like KitchenCraft bowl can make a world of difference to how you feel about cooking and eating.

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