GTPL KCBPL unveils its first TVC debut featuring Brand Ambassador, Boman Irani

GTPL KCBPL unveils its first TVC debut featuring Brand Ambassador, Boman Irani

Kolkata: GTPL Hathway’s largest joint venture – GTPL KCBPL, a leading Cable & Broadband services provider, has aired its first ever TVC with the versatile and most admired Indian actor, Boman Irani. The TVC gives its current and prospective customer base a visual face of their tagline “Connection Dil Se”.

These commercials narrate heartfelt storylines and all the little joys that special connections bring in and grace our lives with Boman makes a heart-winning appearance at the end of these TVCs thereby laying emphasis on the importance of connections and expressing the brand’s sincerity in making and keeping them strong.

While kindness, compassion and happiness in a pandemic-struck society are rare gems, GTPL KCBPL aims to remind its viewers the power of relationships and hence, connections. These evoke a sense of belongingness and reflect the sheer innocence of pure relationships whilst giving viewers moments of smile and warmth. Local cable operators have been an integral part of our community since quite some time. Over the years, this relationship has shaped itself to become something beyond transactional. Kaka” (uncle), Dada (brother), these people have become more than just a familiar face. All credits go to their easy accessibility, availability on phone and their empathy.

Bijoy Agarwal, Managing Director, GTPL KCBPL believes that the current times are about managing the coronavirus and recovering from the devastating effects of the Supercyclone Amphan and Yaas. The special, reliable bond that exists between a customer and his local cable operator has been tested since inception and is tested again in these unprecedented times. However, now customers have realised the importance of local businesses and are being “vocal for local”, comprehending the fact that it’s an integral part of our community. Likewise, our TVC campaign brings this heartwarming bond into the limelight and celebrates it.

Expressing his views on the brand’s TVC, Boman Irani said, “GTPL Hathway has been an industry player long enough for audiences to trust them. The viewership has increased over time with a wide array of innovative campaigns that they have whipped out. Their brand messaging is spot on given the current scenario encouraging people to connect Dil Se. The ideology is enticing and considerate and I guess that is what makes them stand apart.”

GTPL KCBPL focuses on making meaningful connections with their existing and prospective customer base with something as underrated as television and staying true to their brand promise “Connections Dil Se”.

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