Ice Make launches ‘SoloPerifresh’ to  empower farmers & FPOs

Ice Make launches ‘SoloPerifresh’ to empower farmers & FPOs

Kolkata: Ice Make Refrigeration Limited (Ice Make), a leading supplier of innovative cooling solutions, has launched ‘SOLOPerifresh’, an innovative range of Solar Powered Cold Storage Solutions for empowering the farmers and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), says a press release.

In order to solve the problems related to cold storage infrastructure in remote and powerless areas of the state, Ice Make has introduced ‘SOLOPerifresh’, which works to increase the bargaining power of the farmers by saving their perishable produce from getting spoiled.

Powered by green technology, the eco-friendly system will enable them to earn more income, prevent spoilage of their valuable produce, maintain quality, freshness, increase shelf-life of temperature prone produce and contribute in reducing carbon emissions and global warming.

SOLOPerifresh is a long-term solution to the farmers’ lack of cold storage and low income problem. By adopting this powerful solution, they can easily increase their ‘Power of Tomorrow’ which this branded standalone and portable solar equipment offers.

Chandrakant P. Patel, CMD, Ice Make Refrigeration Limited said, “SOLOPerifresh is a standalone portable refrigeration system that effectively keeps perishable produce of farmers fresh till it is sent to the market. It not only increases the shelf-life of valuable produce of our farmer but also enhances the bargaining power. This eco-friendly solar cold storage is a medium sized unit with a storage room of approx 4-5 MT. It is very useful solution for users in the areas where they face a long standing power supply challenge.”

Chandrakant P. Patel further said, “Ice Make has always been a pioneer in encouraging the adoption of Go-Green-Technology at multiple levels. Equipped with this smart green energy backed device, our farmers and farmer producer organizations can also contribute in reducing carbon emissions and worrisome effects of global warming.”

The company also provides a full range of refrigeration solutions such as transportation, commercial, industrial and ammonia refrigeration for various industries and sectors including agriculture, milk and dairy, food processing, pharma and healthcare.

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