iKure plans to open 190+ healthcare clinics, provide services to over 10 million people in the next 5 years

iKure plans to open 190+ healthcare clinics, provide services to over 10 million people in the next 5 years

Kolkata: Healthcare startup iKure plans to open more than 190 healthcare clinics, and provide healthcare services to over 10 million people in the next five years. The Kolkata based health-tech company also plans to rapidly scale-up its operations across India and globally.

iKure has been focusing on delivering primary healthcare services by addressing several challenges like accessibility, affordability, availability and awareness through a network of clinics, digital technologies and trained frontline health workers. It has currently 160 touch-points.

With a combination of technology intervention, skill development, and outreach initiatives, iKure has served a population of over 10.2 million people in 5,200 villages across 7 states of India.  

iKure has also raised an undisclosed investment from veteran industrialist Ratan Tata. Known to invest in start-ups, Ratan Tata has made several investments in many tech-driven companies in his personal capacity.

Speaking to The Reporting Today, Sujay Santra¸ Founder and CEO, iKure said, “We have been working towards bringing quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare to the doorstep of communities for over a decade. iKure delivers primary healthcare, wellness & prevention services to rural, semi-urban and urban population through innovative technology, trained frontline community health workers and a network of Hubs & Spoke clinics.”

Sujay Santra said¸ “With the help of iKure Awareness Application, we have been able to provide right and proper information to the people so that they do not fall prey to rumours related to COVID19 pandemic.”

He said, “Our doorstep community health workers are equipped with point-of-care (POC) devices, which enables them to provide monitoring and diagnostic support. We offer wide-ranging health services packages, door-to-door consultation assisted telemedicine with appropriate referral and escalation, drugs and medical supplies, pathological tests, eye & dental tests, and spread awareness among others.”

Sujay Santra said, “iKure has created an ecosystem by partnering with local NGOs for on-ground mobilization, device partners for the latest technology, supply chain partners for consumables, hospitals for secondary & tertiary care and research organizations for clinical & technical knowhow of various ailments.”

iKure also shares the vision of the Government in making a self-reliant India through the five pillars of its delivery system that includes Sustainable & Accessible Healthcare Model, Technology Innovation, Partnership Ecosystem, Research Initiatives, and Grassroot Communities’. It aims to fulfill the Government’s aspiration through an inclusive primary healthcare system that strengthens the long-term prosperity of human life.

iKure has also been selected as one of the finalists for the 11th Social Entrepreneur of the Year (SEOY) – India Award, 2020. SEOY India award recognizes entrepreneurs who implement innovative, sustainable and scalable solutions to solve India’s social problems. These entrepreneurs address pressing issues faced by under-served communities.

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