iluvia secures undisclosed amount in Series A Funding

iluvia secures undisclosed amount in Series A Funding

Kolkata: iluvia, a professional haircare brand under Renaura Wellness Pvt Ltd, has secured a Series A funding from Fireside Ventures and Multiply Ventures.

This investment represents a crucial milestone for the organisation as it will play a pivotal role in the company’s efforts to assemble a high-caliber team and to fuel its brand expansion initiatives.

The brand’s Research & Development division focuses on developing a diverse product portfolio tailored to professional haircare needs, including the development of India’s first Hard Water Shampoo.

Nishant Gupta and Palash Pandey, Co-founders, Renaura Wellness Pvt. Ltd. said, “With this funding, we are empowered to bolster our R&D investments while further expanding our product offerings with innovative and unique solutions for professionals as well as consumers.”

Nishant Gupta and Palash Pandey added, “With Series A closed, our aim is to ramp up talent acquisition and expand our team by recruiting skilled professionals who share our passion.”

Committed to being tech-first, iluvia stands at the forefront of the professional haircare segment with a dedication to quality and innovation. Operating in a market teeming with potential, iluvia has established its presence in over 2500 salons spanning across 70+ cities in India.

With robust expansion and growth plans, the brand is gearing up to increase its market penetration and solidify its position as one of the top professional haircare brands in the country.

With a passion for excellence and a vision for the future, iluvia continues to revolutionize the industry, offering salon professionals and consumers a range of premium solution-driven products formulated to address huge need-gaps in the market.

iluvia presents a meticulously curated range of scientifically formulated haircare products to address diverse hair concerns while promoting overall hair health.

iluvia’s commitment to science-backed formulations positions it as a trusted innovator operating in the premium end of the market and poised to meet the dynamic demands of the growing professional haircare market.

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