India Data Portal introduces new Datasets on Union Budget

India Data Portal introduces new Datasets on Union Budget

Kolkata: India Data Portal, a one-stop open access portal for public data and visualisations in India on Agriculture, Financial Inclusion and Rural Development, shares the latest and historical trends on Union Budget through the newly introduced Budget datasets on

The “India Data Portal” is a one-stop open-access portal for journalists to access, interact with, and visualize information, data and knowledge related to agriculture and financial inclusion, while also aiding other beneficiaries – researchers, students, policy makers, administrators, NGOs, and entrepreneurs.

The portal contains a data repository with processed and documented public datasets on related themes. For agriculture, these include crops, water, livestock, public investments, etc at levels such as districts, tehsils, and villages with a largely rural focus and socio-economic characteristics in both rural and urban areas at granular spatial scales like district, town and ward spanning the entire country.

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