Initiative to raise awareness on plastic waste management

Initiative to raise awareness on plastic waste management

Kolkata: Sunfeast YiPPee!, an instant Noodle & Pasta brand from ITC Ltd., has launched its “YiPPee! Better World: Create Magic” initiative; which aims to educate and raise awareness on the need to collect and upcycle plastic waste.

The magic this initiative seeks to create is by involving the community and equipping parks near them with benches, swings, see-saws, etc., made of the very plastic collected during the initiative.

This initiative kicked off with the identification of ten parks in each city (Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Kolkata, and Bengaluru) which were in need of refurbishment.

Collaborating with local municipal bodies, the shortlisted parks were made accessible on the website,, inviting citizens to actively participate in the decision-making process and vote for the top 4 parks they wished to see transform.

Citizens were encouraged not only to vote for their preferred park but to also contribute to a large-scale plastic waste collection drive with designated collection centres across each city.

Following the voting and collection process, the top 4 parks in each city to be transformed were announced in February ’24. In Kolkata, the identified parks will be transformed in March ’24 with park equipment like swings, see-saws, jungle gyms and benches made from 2700 kg of upcycled plastic waste.

Suresh Chand, Vice President & Head of Marketing, Snacks Noodles & Pasta, ITC Ltd said, “Through ‘YiPPee! Better World: Create Magic’, we would want to spread awareness on the need to take climate-positive actions among the community and demonstrate the innovative ways in which post-consumption plastic waste can be utilized to deliver consumer delight in ways that are tangible and impact them closer to home.”

The selected parks in the city that are being transformed are–Triangular Park (Esplanade), Children’s Park (Beleghata), Ladies Park (Bhowanipore), and Convent Park (Sealdah).The initiative has been rolled out with NGO Partner, Recycle India.

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