IRIS Home Fragrances now at Acropolis Mall

IRIS Home Fragrances now at Acropolis Mall

Kolkata: Leading fragrance brand Iris Home Fragrances has entered Acropolis Mall with its first Kiosk in Kolkata. Iris is a brand from Ripple fragrances, the spatial fragrance division of the Agarbathi to Aerospace conglomerate NR Group. NR group is also famous for Cycle Pure Agarbathi, the world’s largest incense stick brand.

Iris is venturing into kiosk format in malls. This is the first experiment, outside Bangalore. The kiosk, situated on the first floor of the Acropolis mall, will retail IRIS’ famous range of Reed Diffusers, Fragrance vapourizers, fragrance sachets, gifts, Potpourri, Aromatic candles, Ultra sonic misters and Luxury soaps.

IRIS has pioneered the Home Fragrance market in India, with its novel Fragrance delivery systems and exquisite fragrances like French Lavender, Coral Blue, Apple Cinnamon, etc.

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