ITC Fabelle becomes India’s first luxury chocolate brand to make its debut on Metaverse

ITC Fabelle becomes India’s first luxury chocolate brand to make its debut on Metaverse

Kolkata: ITC Ltd.’s Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates made its debut in Metaverse over this weekend. With this, Fabelle becomes India’s first luxury chocolate brand to be present within Metaverse Weddings.

Fabelle was an integral part of two weddings hosted on the Yug Metaverse and the TardiVerse (metaverse wedding partner – CoinSwitch Kuber) platforms.

Metaverse wedding is a nuptial held in the virtual world. For the first time, India witnessed a couple hosting its wedding ceremony in the Metaverse where the avatars of the bride and the groom took their vows in a virtual setting. The couple entered the virtual venue where they interacted with guests attending the wedding ceremony from across the world.

In the first-of-its-kind wedding event in the country, the groom gifted the bride a metaverse version of Fabelle Trinity Truffles Extraordinaire, one of the most expensive chocolates in the world.

The brand further integrated a metaverse version of the Fabelle Chocolates cart, where guests could choose from an array of luxurious chocolates that would be delivered to their doorstep for a delightful experience even after the wedding.

The couples residing in Bhopal and Krishnagiri revolutionised the wedding industry by taking their vows in the Metaverse over the weekend. While the setting for one wedding was that of an island, the couple from Tamil Nadu hosted the wedding in a metaverse version of a vintage castle. The elements of brand integration were conceptualised and deployed in association with Wavemaker India, agency partner of ITC.

With the new normal setting in, platforms like Metaverse are bringing people closer than ever before. The future of weddings certainly entails conducting one leg of a ceremony in the virtual world.

Fabelle being one of the country’s top luxury chocolate brands and known for delivering unparalleled indulgent experience seamlessly fits as the perfect partner for these virtual events.

Anuj Rustagi – Chief Operating Officer – Chocolates, Confectionary, Coffee and New Categories – Food Division, ITC Limited said, “Fabelle was established with the endeavour of creating distinguished, innovative and indulgent chocolate experiences for our consumers. We are now extending this experience to the augmented virtual world as well.”

Anuj Rustagi said, “Metaverse is sure to elevate the bar of virtual gathering and meetings in next few years, and we were one of the first off the block to transition to this platform. We are delighted to make our debut into the metaverse universe, and stand by our promise of delivering unparalleled experiences.”

Fabelle chocolate boutiques have presence at ITC Luxury Hotels in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad and multiple other online platforms such as ITC Store, Amazon, Swiggy & Zomato amongst others.

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