ITC Sunfeast unveils industry-first 100% paper based packaging

ITC Sunfeast unveils industry-first 100% paper based packaging

Kolkata: ITC Sunfeast Farmlite, a range of wholesome biscuits from ITC Foods, has launched its new offering Sunfeast Farmlite Digestive Biscuit Family pack in 100% outer paper bag packaging.

Sunfeast Farmlite is the first brand to embrace 100% outer paper packaging in the industry. The ergonomics of design aspects have been carefully curated, making the paper packaging consumer-friendly, visually appealing and convenient.

This latest innovation aligns with the brand’s effort towards reducing plastic and encouraging consumers to make sustainable choices in their everyday purchases.

Commenting on the initiative, Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer, Biscuits & Cakes Cluster, ITC Foods Division said, “We believe that we have to be not only agile, consumer focused and innovative, but also purpose-driven. The launch of first-ever outer bag made from 100% paper is a significant step towards the brand’s commitment to promote sustainable packaging.”

Ali Harris Shere said, “Consumers too are increasingly becoming more conscious of responsible choices and we are committed to providing them with products in packaging that are sustainable. This is an industry-first initiative and plans are underway to adopt this packaging for other biscuit products in due course of time.”

This initiative is in line with ITC’s Sustainability 2.0 vision which strives to strengthen the company’s multi-dimensional efforts in sustainability, which includes creation of an effective circular economy for post-consumer packaging waste.

Sunfeast Farmlite Digestive family pack with the new 100% outer paper bag packaging will be available with the 800g SKU on Flipkart. It will soon be available on other e-commerce/quick commerce platforms and supermarkets as well.

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