Keep your home safer from COVID19 with Nimyle and Nimwash

Keep your home safer from COVID19 with Nimyle and Nimwash

Kolkata: The pandemic has made us go into frenzy where we are constantly looking at safeguarding ourselves against the virus. We are looking at home remedies and immunity boosting food. Turmeric is being utilised in various concoction of healthy drinks to increase our strength against the virus. There are abundant Whatsapp messages talking about Giloyi or the superfood, Moringa.

However, what about our home? We may take safety measures for our own body, but how do we ensure our home remains Covid-19 free?

Mrudula Sanghavi, a homemaker says, “My family is staying indoors, but sometimes, when we receive a parcel, a family member has to enter the elevator to pick it up from downstairs. They do sanitise their hands, but I have been worried about the virus entering my home. I have been looking at multiple videos to keep my home safe and they have all stressed on the use of Neem. I have been using a Neem based floor cleaner like Nimyle to keep my home virus free. I also boil neem in water and ensure that my family takes a shower with Neem infused water.”

Below are some of the other ways to ensure that our homes remain safe for us and our families:

Clean your home twice a day: It isn’t important to clean your home every hour. But using a good, natural floor cleaner twice in a day will help in keeping floors clean and safe. Mop your home and clean your surfaces with a floor cleaner like Nimyle that offers protection from Covid-19 coronavirus. Using a natural floor cleaner will also alleviate the stress from sitting on the floor and bonding together as a family.

Entering the home: If at all, you have to step out of home, it’s important to come back and dip your clothes that have been mixed with detergent. Dip the clothes completely into soapy water and post 30-45 minutes, remove them to put them in the washing machine or clean them yourselves. While the clothes are soaking in the water, it is important to take a shower, so you can wash off any germs from your body.

Accepting packages: When you order online, you are unsure how many hands have touched your package before it enters your home. Use a surface disinfectant spray over the package, open it, take your items and dispose of the packaging immediately. Remember to clean your hands with soap immediately after throwing the package.

Fruits and Vegetables: As your fruits and vegetables arrive, dip them in a natural vegetable and fruit wash like Nimwash. This will not just ensure the removal of the Coronavirus but also pesticides from the surface of the produce. Dry them away from direct sunlight and store them, as necessary.

Ordering in: Cooked food has little chance of contracting the virus. However, to ensure your safety, open the container in which the food has arrived, wash your hands with soap. Place the food in your utensil, dispose the food packaging and wash your hand again. After this, the food is safe to be consumed. If you have to store drinks or cans in the fridge, remember to clean them thoroughly with a disinfectant wipe and place it in the refrigerator.

Chef Kunal Kapoor also swears by the power of Neem. He says, “You will ensure your safety inside the home. But, we also have other items such as fruits and vegetables that enter the home from outside. Unknowingly, we could possibly pollute a clean and safe environment. In such cases, I use a natural vegetable and fruit wash that has the goodness of Neem like Nimwash which ensures all the germs, including the Covid-19 Coronavirus is washed away. Even when other packages enter the home, it’s important to sanitise them with a sanitizing wipe or a sanitiser spray.”

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