KSB Limited: First to develop Indigenous pumps for NPCIL’s 700 MW Power Plant

KSB Limited: First to develop Indigenous pumps for NPCIL’s 700 MW Power Plant

Mumbai/Kolkata: KSB Ltd, a leader in pump manufacturing, has delivered the indigenously developed Main Boiler Feed Water Pump-BFP (RHD-350) & Booster Pump-BP (YNK 350-620) for Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. (NPCIL). KSB Ltd. turned out to be the first company in India to manufacture fully indigenously developed BFP & BP for 700 MW Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), says a press release.

It marked a milestone for KSB Ltd. in developing the pump for 700 MW Indian Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors (PHWRs) and adding a new product to its product line which already boast of a range of pumps for nuclear application, including Primary Pressurising Pump, Shutdown Cooling Pump, Aux. Boiler Feed Pump etc. It has established KSB Ltd. as undisputed leader in nuclear application pumps.

KSB Ltd. has always been a renowned Supplier for critical application pumps and has been associated with NPCIL for supply of pumps for various applications, including indigenous Boiler Feed water Pumps for 220 MW at Kaiganuclear power plants. KSB has been supplying some more critical Pumps to NPCIL with certain imported components from KSB Germany.

NPCIL is poised for major growth in installed capacity of NPPs with launch of fleet mode 700 MWe PHWRs, in addition to existing PHWR plants of 220 MWe, 540 MWe and 700 MWe capacity. The need to develop indigenous pumps for 700 MWe power plants was always on priority for NPCIL & the development proposal was initiated in year 2015 for the same.

Though NPCIL tenders were in public tender mode with expression of interest, KSB Ltd. retained as a key NPCIL Partner for the developing pumps indigenously for last 4 decades. Boiler Feed water Pump being an important pump in the NPP, NPCIL demanded a robust design & very high reliable service life span of 40 years. The Pumps with KSB’s in-house design were to be analysed, tested & validated for performance on various design parameters such as Seismic.

Rajeev Jain, Regional Executive Officer, KSB West Asia and Managing Director KSB Limited, India said, “KSB’s core strength in design, supported with modern manufacturing capability has made it possible to develop a key product for India’s premier power generation organisation NPCIL. KSB’s strong leadership qualities, decision-making, technical expertise & great team work were witnessed during the various phases of the development. Riding high on this success of BFP & BP, KSB Ltd is now set to replicate this success in indigenizing the Primary Coolant Pumps (PCP), for the first time for NPCIL, further enhancing its commitment to the nation’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ program.”

M/s. KSB Limited, India, S.K. Sharma, CMD, NPCIL said, “It is a tribute to the joint efforts of NPCIL and Indian industry towards the realisation of our cherished goal of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. Indian Industry has a vital role to play in coming years in developing and ensuring timely deliveries of equipment for the planned nuclear power expansion programme.”

KSB’s state of art of manufacturing facility at Chinchwad plant, with its advanced manufacturing capability accelerated the progress in development. New processes developments in special coatings & modern machining processes involving latest manufacturing technology paved the way for new learning & experience, building the confidence to move ahead. Being a new development & non-symmetrical designed pump, new tooling was designed & developed for assembly of pump. Special tools & set up helped assemble more quickly & precisely saving precious time.

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