Mess creates Stress: Make cleaning a de-stressing activity

Mess creates Stress: Make cleaning a de-stressing activity

Kolkata: Most of us prefer to live in a clean house. Even if you are not a cleaning fanatic, subconsciously, you know that peace and satisfaction that comes with living in a clean environment. Organising and cleaning your spaces works wonders and can motivate you to handle other tasks that you may have been procrastinating on lately.

Also, people who suffer from allergies will find it much easier and far less stressful to live in clean and dust-free environments. Researchers have found that cluttered and messy spaces negatively impact one’s mental health and could also lead to fatigue and depression. Due to changing weather, dust can also cause seasonal allergies and sinus infections. However, after a long day at work, the last thing on our minds is cleaning the house.

Many people associate cleaning with drudgery than relaxation for obvious reasons. Although, there are certain easy methods we can follow to make cleaning a fun and therapeutic activity.

Incorporating some of the simple habits given below will not only help you achieve your goal of having a clean house, but it will also improve your well-being. Renowned wedding photographer Aditi Verma says, “Clean and organised home helps me think clearly and lead a healthier life. Keeping our busy schedules in mind, my roommate and I follow a timetable for cleaning. We prefer using Eco -friendly and chlorine-free products and one such product we love is Nimyle. Nimyle is a neem-based 100% natural action floor cleaner with which we clean our floors, shelves, and even tabletops. The lemongrass variant is our absolute favourite.”

With a little change in one’s perspective and habits, you can unwind and de-stress in no time. Here are a few ways to help out:

Declutter = Destress: Manoeuvring around a cluttered floor can be very stressful – Nobody likes walking into a home filled with unwanted things or stacks of laundry lying around. *The sight of clutter can throw you off when you enter a room. Try to declutter your room just like you would declutter your work space. Start by putting together a daily to-do list for home and check it off when completed. Checking off chores on the list can be very satisfying.

Cleaning as meditation: While the result of a major cleaning session is a beautifully clean home followed by the added benefit of a stress-free and relaxed mind, cleaning your house can be a stress management technique in itself which many therapists across the world usually suggest. If you incorporate mindfulness into your cleaning, the work can be a form of meditation, leaving you relaxed.

Organising your home to the sound of music: If you find it hard to get into a Zen state as you clean, why not go in the other direction, and turn your cleaning experience into a mini-party? Music has many wonderful stress relief benefits, and playing music as you clean can make the activity much more enjoyable. Play your favourite dance music as you clean, and you may actually work faster and be done sooner.

A Clean house helps you sleep better: There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep after a busy day at work. One wakes up with a renewed mind, ready to conquer the new day’s challenge. Won’t we all want to give anything to achieve this? A clean, organised home will do! An untidy home invites unwanted stress and there is no way our minds can be at peace. An easy way to make sure you sleep better is by making your bed each morning before your routine kicks in.

It may appear tough at first to abruptly organise your kitchen or workspace, but you will gradually discover that it is much better than the previous cluttered environment. But remember, one can slowly implement the above tips to make a significant difference in our daily lives.

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