Mumuso announces expansion plans for the North East Market

Mumuso announces expansion plans for the North East Market

Global Fashion and Lifestyle Brand Mumuso recently expanded its footprints in the North East Market with the Launch of its 2nd Store in Guwahati. The expansion of the brand with the launch of another store in the state with more than 2000 varieties, 1000+ products in more than 15 categories, aims to cater the lifestyle and fashion market of the region. Mr. Abhinav Agarwal, Marketing Manager, Mumuso India & Mr. Amit Kr Sharma, Retail Sales Head, Mumuso India were present to brief the media.

Spread across 1100 sq feet the new Guwahati Store includes Accessories, Stationery, Small Electronics, Lifestyle items, Skin care, Cosmetics, Beauty Tools, Home Essentials, Children Products, Pet Care, Footwear, Jewellery, etc. The store is giving a special discount voucher of ₹500 to first 100 customers. The store is located at Ground Floor, 256, Radha Bhawan, RGB Road, Zoo Road, Guwahati.

The brand also announced its expansion plans.  The brand plans to open more than 15 Stores this year in the East and North East Market. Keeping the growing lifestyle and fashion market in mind, Mumuso is eyeing the Indian market aggressively with new stores in different parts of the country including Assam and other parts of North Eastern part of the country.

Mr. Abhinav Agarwal, Marketing Manager, Mumuso India said, “We are very excited to expand our footprints and launch our second store in Assam. This is a very big market when it comes to lifestyle and fashion. There has been a high demand for the trendy and affordable products as far as lifestyle is concerned. With Mumuso coming into the picture, people won’t have to travel to different stores for their needs, but just walk into our showroom and get their products. Mumuso brand always adheres to the principle of selling high quality products at affordable prices and strives to improve the upper limit of taste and price ratio.”

Mr. Amit Kr Sharma, Retail Sales Head, Mumuso India, said, I have been studying the retail market very closely. Indian Retail Market is huge. When it comes to lifestyle products, India has seen a sharp rise in the demand in the recent years. Our expansion strategy is to set up outlets all over India along with entering the e-commerce market as online shopping has seen a big boost in India in recent years. The best of Korean Cosmetics from Skin Care to Colour are now adding value to the entire shopping experience in Mumuso.

About MUMUSO: Mumuso is a brand focusing on selling products with fashionable and trendy design. The brand is committed to selling products with reliable quality and affordable price as well as bringing the idea of “easy life” to people.

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