Newsdrum turns two, reveals expansion plans on the back of Technology & AI

Newsdrum turns two, reveals expansion plans on the back of Technology & AI

New Delhi/Kolkata: Newsdrum, the general news platform from BMI Group, is looking to expand operations on the back of technology and Artificial Intelligence-led tools and innovations, says a press release.

After completing two years of objective and unbiased news reporting, the popular independent platform has enabled AI-led features including but not limited to content repurposing, AI Web Stories and content distribution.

The platform, which claims to have broken over three dozen stories in such a cluttered space in a short period, has aimed at keeping its readers ahead of the curve with its sharp analysis and news breaks.

As a result, NewsDrum today attracts over 5 million monthly page views with high engagement above industry standards.

According to Semrush, 63% of visitors of NewsDrum have informational intent followed by 16% with transactional and 13% with commercial intent.

Niraj Sharma, Editor-in-Chief of Newsdrum, and, said, “Newsdrum made a mark in the industry over the past two years and now we are gearing up for the next phase of growth. We aim to deploy AI-led tools to take the user experience to the next level.”

Talking about the editorial focus of the platform, Niraj Sharma said, “Be it a journalist or a news platform, they are known by the news they have broken and their fair analysis of any development. These are the two focus areas for NewsDrum which makes it a preferred readers’ choice.”

“Conversations are crucial for any democracy as vibrant as India and NewsDrum is proud to lead or ignite conversations of high importance. Besides, NewsDrum stories have been able to make an impact on people’s lives and government policies,” added Sharma.

The “guiding principles” of NewsDrum are the basics of journalism which is to remain wholly unbiased. As the platform’s only agenda is to inform and educate, the parliamentary way, it stays away from mudslinging and targeted slandering.

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