Nivea launches new campaign for its Milk Delights Face Wash

Nivea launches new campaign for its Milk Delights Face Wash

Kolkata: Skincare brand Nivea has launched its latest campaign for its NIVEA Milk Delights Face Wash encouraging consumers to not just “face wash” but instead “milk wash” for natural healthy glow skin, says a press release.

The NIVEA Milk Delights range comprises of four traditional variants – Rose, Besan (Gramflour), Saffron and Honey to address the needs of sensitive, oily, normal and dry skin with goodness of milk and local home-remedy ingredients. Strengthening its all-round customized skin solution range, NIVEA has introduced a new TURMERIC variant for acne prone skin. The New Milk Delights Turmeric will help reduce 99.9% acne causing bacteria, and hence cleanses and purifies the skin making it clear and healthy-looking.

The range has been inspired by the traditional Indian home remedies of Rose, Honey, Saffron & Besan (Gramflour) for different skin types. Adding another variant into the mix, the brand has also introduced the new NIVEA Milk Delights Turmeric Face Wash that has the goodness of milk combined with turmeric which helps reduce acne causing bacteria to give clear, healthy looking skin every day!

Sachin Killawala, Marketing Director, Nivea India said, “A great cleanser is a one which has pH best suited to your skin. One such natural cleanser which has pH similar to your skin is Milk. We packed the goodness of milk into Nivea’s Milk Delights Face wash range which cleanses the skin deeply to give you a natural healthy glow. With pH best suited to your skin Milk Delights Facewash isn’t harsh on your skin. Our latest campaign aims to establish this very proposition of the functional benefits of milk and ‘milk washing’ for a better and healthier skin.”

He said, “Nivea with its rich experience in skincare and deep understanding of consumer’s skin type has developed this range to suit every Indian consumers.  With the combination of natural ingredients suitable for each skin type, the consumers can choose from the wide range of Milk Delights Facewash (Rose, Honey, Saffron, Besan) to suit their skin type. Along with revamping the base range, we also have new Milk Delights Turmeric Facewash for Acne-prone skin. Turmeric is a traditional ingredient which is well known for its anti-bacterial properties. Milk Delights Turmeric Face wash will help reduce acne causing bacteria for a clear purified skin.”

Skin is at its best when there is a perfect balance of the pH levels which are important for overall skin health. Use of products, in which the pH is not adjusted to the skin, can be damaging. Many cleansers especially soaps tend to be too harsh for the skin, as they strip away the natural oils and may cause dryness and irritation. Milk is, hence, one of the finest ingredients for our health with a pH best suited to our skin. The goodness of milk protein nourishes the skin from deep within, keeping it moisturized all day long. Taking cognizance of this, NIVEA Milk Delights face wash is soap free and the pH has been adjusted for the skin, suited for everyday use. Making an addition to its rich portfolio which comprises of several tried and tested Indian home remedies and a refreshed packaging, NIVEA India’s latest campaign “Don’t Face Wash, Milk Wash!” incorporates the benefits of the above.

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