Our employees will vouch for the plethora of measures we have taken for their wellbeing: Govind Beriwala

Our employees will vouch for the plethora of measures we have taken for their wellbeing: Govind Beriwala

Kolkata: Moving forward on its mission to create awareness about the importance of wearing masks, sanitization, following COVID19 protocols, and supporting the fight against COVID19 pandemic, TMT Bar producer Shyam Steel has taken several initiatives during this pandemic.

Shyam Steel has not only taken initiatives to follow the COVID19 protocols strictly to save lives of its employees from infection but also ensured that the work ran as smoothly as it always did, without affecting the livelihood of the employees.

Speaking to The Reporting Today, Govind Beriwala, Director of Shyam Steel Industries said, “Shyam Steel’s vision has always been more than just to be known only for its products. Shyam Steel visions itself as a company that brings life changing values to people’s lives; not just building their homes but also enriching their lives. The company always tries to keep a balance between workforce and organizational approaches.”

Govind Beriwala said, “The increasing spread of the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19 has made the use and impact of digitalization more important than ever. Keeping this in mind, in a responsible step forward, we focused on to address the issues of accessibility and availability. Anticipating the official lockdown announcement, apart from supporting our workforce with masks, sanitizers, and other important products and installing face recognition system, we started training our employees to work on digital platform from their homes. We also trained our channel partners to operate digitally. This led us to come back to normal very fast once lockdown was lifted, enabling us to touch the pre-lockdown figure within a month.”

Talking about the Company’s plans, Beriwala said, “We have proposed an additional capacity in steel making – 1.5 MTPA over the next three years at an investment of Rs. 150 crore, and for our Captive Power Plants (CPP), proposed additional capacity is 40 MW at Rs. 150 crore investment. We have launched a structural steel range called Gates&Grills and we are about to launch a range of construction chemicals for water proofing construction and tiles grout.”

The Company has launched FlexiStrong TMT. Constructions using this TMT get the strength and flexibility to withstand nature’s forces. Quality of TMT is based on two apparently opposite properties – strength and flexibility. But perfect quality comes from striking that perfect balance between strength and flexibility – one factor cannot be compromised for the sake of another. Shyam Steel’s TMT bars offer that perfect balance with FlexiStrong TMT.

The company feels that like steel, every person needs to be both flexible and strong to be successful in life. There is a need to be strong in principles and values, and flexible in the face of changing situations and challenges. Hence, the company also decided to create a show called Flexi STRONG Talks, where it brings two kinds of personalities to people. One is the super-achievers: real-life heroes. It is the same balance between strength and flexibility that has enabled them to defy all odds and emerge as life’s champions.

Beriwala said, “Previously TMT was judged by customers only based on strength – the stronger the better. Then slowly the major significance of flexibility began to sink in. The reason why market share of our brand of TMT, with its perfect balance of strength and flexibility is rapidly increasing and leading brands have begun to explain to customers that the best TMT is strong outside and flexible inside.”

Beriwala added, “We are a people-centric company. Today we employ more than 5000 people, and the number is set to increase drastically over the next few years. We have always had a principle of bringing development to the locality around our plants. Our largest integrated plants are at Durgapur, and since its inception we’ve been partnering the development of more than 10 villages in the area.” 

The Company has also introduced a COVID policy at the HR level with a system of paid leave for any employee who is exposed to COVID19, and for employees who contract COVID19, the period of leave not only covers their ill period but also their convalescing period as well.

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