RED FM announces the third edition of ‘Dugga Dugga – Sounds of Sharodiya’

RED FM announces the third edition of ‘Dugga Dugga – Sounds of Sharodiya’

Kolkata: 93.5 RED FM has announced the third edition of ‘Dugga Dugga – Sounds of Sharodiya’ to celebrate the festive fervor and experience the magic of Durga Puja. The festival will take place on October 15th at the Dhono Dhanyo Auditorium, Alipore in Kolkata.

As the Mahalaya ushers in the autumnal season, Red FM, after two successful virtual editions is bringing the festival to the ground. From an extensive lineup of musical prowesses like Kaushiki Chakraborty, Sourendra-Soumyojit, and Somlata Acharya to the dancing stars Tanusree Shankar & Troupe, all will be hosted by the charismatic wordsmith, Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee.

The festival will also have immersive experiences with distinguished artists from Kumortuli who will captivate the art of ‘chokku daan.’

Nisha Narayanan, Director & COO, RED FM, and Magic FM, said “Since radio is an enabler of local cultures and festivals, it gives us the edge above the rest to continue working towards our fundamental convictions. By doing so, we not only honor tradition but also unite communities in shared celebrations. We began hosting Dugga Dugga to showcase the unparalleled religious and cultural experience of the festival.”

Nisha Narayanan said, “The event offers a nuanced escapade with several cultural elements like music, and dance as well as art exhibitions providing an intriguing visual delight. Among various other musical IPs of Red Live, ‘Dugga Dugga’ centers’ music tradition in its original form and yet presents it with a twist for our audience, this year, on the ground.”

Visit for booking and more details on the grand celebration of ‘Dugga Dugga – The Sound of Sharodiya’.

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