Reliance Jewels re-opens its showrooms across the country

Reliance Jewels re-opens its showrooms across the country

Kolkata: Reliance Jewels has re-opened its showrooms across the country in accordance with guidelines of the local authorities. The tenet of consumer safety and hygiene are strictly adhered across Reliance Jewels showrooms. The brand has implemented a plethora of measures to secure the well-being of their customers and employees. Additionally, the workforce has been specially trained to maintain the rules of social distancing and follow safety norms and guidelines.

Reliance Jewels employees at the Showroom, which include CSA, Security, House-keeping and pantry staffs, are provided with Masks and Gloves and are educated about the usage of the same. Employees are encouraged to bring their own food and have staggered lunch timings. Outside food delivery service providers are strictly not permitted into showroom or office area.

For billing, online fund transfer is being encouraged to avoid any kind of physical contact. Cash/Cards and all documents like PAN cards or other identity proofs are collected on a tray from the customer. The collected copy of the item is kept in a designated box for at least 24 hours. Furthermore, for customer orders, GSS redemption, and repair pick up, prior appointments are mandated.

In view of customer safety and hygiene Reliance Jewels has realigned its showroom operating standards to adjust to the ‘new normal’. Reliance Jewels safety guidelines entail each person being scanned using an infrared thermometer to check their temperature and only allowed entry with acceptable temperature.

Upon entry each person is requested to sanitize their hands, using an alcohol-based sanitizer. Further, wearing of mask at the showroom is mandatory with strict adherence to social distancing of 3.5 feet being maintained between two families even when they are seated.

In addition to this, the jewellery items are also being cleaned either with a sanitizer or by using ultrasonic mediums, immediately after each transaction/trial is completed. The service trays along with mirrors, counter tops and chairs are frequently sanitized to ensure complete hygiene of shopping environment. Apart from reduced staff at the showrooms, Reliance Jewels is also ensuring all staff entering the showrooms are scanned for temperature and other sanitization methods are strictly followed.

Reliance Jewels offers a wide variety of gold and diamond jewellery and gold coins of various denominations. Patrons can choose from Reliance Jewels exclusively designed and crafted collections like Atulyaa & Apurvam, as well as light weight collections like Bella. In addition, there is a wide range of traditional, regional and contemporary jewellery collections available at the showrooms. Patrons can also purchase gold coins in 1gram, 5gram, 10gram denominations and more in Reliance Jewels safe and secured showrooms with strictest adherence to exhaustive safety policy right from the time of entry till their exit from the showroom.

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