Rongali Bihu: ITC Aashirvaad creates record of Longest Relay Bihu Dance

Rongali Bihu: ITC Aashirvaad creates record of Longest Relay Bihu Dance

Kolkata: Aashirvaad Atta continued its tradition of celebrating the vibrant spirit of Rongali Bihu in Assam.

The 4-day event witnessed an overwhelming response from over 9000 participants, creating the record of Longest Relay Bihu Dance acknowledged by India Book of Records.

The beautifully adorned Aashirvaad Shudh Chakki Atta pandal at the Latasil Ground, took centre stage, showcasing the tapestry of Assam, featuring iconic symbols such as Japi, Dhol & Gamosa.

With the reverberating beats of the Dhol, participants and spectators were seen immersing themselves in the festivities.

The brand added a modern twist to the traditional celebrations by giving away participants their AI-generated Bihu avatars, personalized memorabilia relevant to the festival.

Anuj Rustagi, COO, Staples & Adjacencies, ITC Ltd, expressing his delight at the overwhelming response to the event, said, “Rongali Bihu holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Assam, and we at Aashirvaad are delighted to be a part of this celebration year after year.”

Anuj Rustagi said, “The enthusiasm and vigour displayed by the audience was truly a pleasure to witness. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to this celebration and helped us attain the Record.”

The Aashirvaad Atta pandal engaged attendees with various cultural activities and games tailored to celebrate an active lifestyle.

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