Saffola speards message of health, taste and happiness on Bihu

Saffola speards message of health, taste and happiness on Bihu

Guwahati: Marico Limited’s FMCG brand, Saffola, celebrated the vibrant and colorful festival of Bihu by launching an exciting campaign called #BihuWithSaffola. The campaign was launched on the auspicious occasion of Bohag Bihu and aimed to spread the festive cheer amongst the people of Assam.

The brand unveiled its innovative on-ground installation in two famous pandals named Chandmari and Latashil. Saffola set up an engaging activity for its guests through fun games and offered delectable meals crafted from Saffola Soya and Saffola Oats.

Guests were treated to a scrumptious menu that included mouth-watering dishes like Soya Bhurji Momos, Steamed Rice with Soya Chunks Bhaji, Oats Carrot Kheer, and Soya Mini Chunks Biryani.

Saffola’s innovative stalls saw participation from over 8000 individuals. The brand set up an innovative heart-shaped board that showcased the various health benefits of Saffola Soya, and invited participants to aim and throw a ball at the benefits to win a free pack of the recently launched Soya Bhurji.

As a result, Saffola distributed over 3000 packs of Soya Bhurji to the game winners from both pandals. In addition, guests had the opportunity to capture their memories and share their experiences on digital platforms. The event was a huge success and helped spread the message of health, taste and happiness during the festive season.

In addition to this captivating installation, the guests were also delighted with a variety of snacks from the Saffola portfolio. The event showcased the innovative ways in which Saffola Oats and Saffola Soya can be used to prepare delectable dishes ranging from snacks to desserts. These dishes not only catered to the taste buds of the guests but also showcased the various benefits of incorporating Saffola products in their daily diet.

In today’s fast-paced world, Indian consumers are looking at convenient, ready to eat healthy yet tasty snacking solutions. Saffola recognizes this need and aims to provide a versatile range of products that that can be consumed as standalone snacks or incorporated into multiple dishes. With Saffola, consumers can enjoy delicious and healthy snacks without any compromise on taste or nutrition.

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