Sharekhan launches MoneyFLIX, an edutainment platform to educate investors and traders

Sharekhan launches MoneyFLIX, an edutainment platform to educate investors and traders

Mumbai/Kolkata: Sharekhan Education, a separate entity under Sharekhan, has unveiled its maiden edutainment platform MoneyFLIX to lead a digital revolution in financial education in the country.

The purpose of this new edutainment platform is to educate and help both, new to market and experienced investors and traders to better understand finance and consequently enable them to better take advantage of financial market opportunities.

The platform has nearly 100 videos ranging from being as small as 5 minutes in duration to almost up to 30 minutes in duration and is set to double its number within the first year itself. These movies cover topics from the simplest investing principles all the way upto complex trading strategies in a Bollywood styled manner. It aims to offer financial modules with a generous sprinkle of entertainment that aims to keep viewers engaged and hooked. 

Embedded with key features such as subtitling in local languages, the ability to capture voice notes on the go and easy references to important points by the click of a button, this state of the art edutainment platform has many technology offerings and thus expects to improve learning and retention.

Rahul Ghose, Head of MoneyFLIX, said, “The integration of technology in the financial services industry has been radical in uplifting customer experience. However efforts towards literacy have often been complex and hence, the idea was to create content that even millennial resonate with.”

He said, “This is a significant step that emboldens the ideology and commitment to empower retail investors in the market. This new digital-first endeavour would help us take investing and trading education to even the remotest parts of the country.”

MoneyFLIX is a subscription based platform. The yearly subscription charges are Rs 1,990+GST and the monthly subscription will be at Rs 990+GST. Subscribers will have access to the entire premium content of the platform as well as access to 10min video snippets on fundamentals of trending companies, called MoneyFLIX Bytes. MoneyFLIX APP is available on Google PlayStore.

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