Silicon Valley based @TrifoRobotics plans to launch smart Home Robots in India

Silicon Valley based @TrifoRobotics plans to launch smart Home Robots in India

Mumbai: Silicon Valley-based AI home robot company Trifo has announced to enter the Indian market with smart robot vacuums outfitted with an AI-powered brain. Trifo plans to introduce its complete product portfolio ranging from entry-level to high-end models and aims to capture a five percent market share by next year.

Trifo home robots boast unique features such as intelligent vision navigation, innovative human-robot interaction, and AI-powered surveillance.

Zhe Zhang, Founder and CEO of Trifo, said, “India is the key focus country for Trifo. In addition to the U.S. and Europe, we have confidence in building a successful user experience in India, providing customers with a wide range of innovative and cutting-edge products.”

“Our robots are built to get smarter over time and interact more with future Trifo home robots. For instance, if the robot senses that its users are away, it can adjust the temperature and humidity levels in the room. As we advance, our robot cleaners would serve as an AIoT hub and act as the primary connector between homes, other smart devices and users, whether they are at home or not”, Zhang said.

Trifo’s first home robots are smart vacuums that come with a proprietary algorithm promising deeper sensing, perception of the environment, and decision-making capabilities. The company has filed over 100 patent applications for its technologies in software and hardware worldwide.

Over the next year, the company aims to roll out a comprehensive product portfolio in India to meet different customers’ needs. The company also sees the potential in this fast-growing market as more and more households begin to embrace smart home devices in the country.

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