Snapdeal sees surge in sale of yoga accessories

Snapdeal sees surge in sale of yoga accessories

Gurugram/Kolkata: E-commerce platform Snapdeal, has witnessed 60% increase in sale of yoga accessories during the lockdown compared to the same period last year.

Yoga mat is the most popular fitness item on Snapdeal. Shoppers also bought yoga apparel including t-shirts and tights. Yoga bag is another frequently bought accessory along with a mat.

Due to the far reaching benefits of yoga, the sale of accessories picked rapidly in the middle of the pandemic. This age-old exercise can be easily practiced at home.

There has also been an aggressive growth in demand for yoga blocks which is used as a support to the back and head to prevent injuries and sudden jerks and yoga balls which are also very popular amongst fitness enthusiasts in the metro. 

Other yoga tools like thera/resistance band, yoga strap, yoga pilates bands also add up to the yoga kit. These tools help in boosting strength and endurance by engaging your whole body including the muscles of the hands and legs during yoga. These are slowly gaining acceptance on Snapdeal.

Other popular indoor fitness equipment on Snapdeal include exercise bands, weights, tummy trimmers, skipping rope, pushup bar, and sauna belts. Snapdeal shoppers are also buying fitness coach and nutrition expert consultations that have recently been added to the platform.

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