St+art India Foundation, Asian Paints unveil ‘Wall of Harmony’ to commemorate 50 Years of Arunachal Pradesh

St+art India Foundation, Asian Paints unveil ‘Wall of Harmony’ to commemorate 50 Years of Arunachal Pradesh

Itanagar: St+art India Foundation in association with Asian Paints unveiled the ‘Wall of Harmony’ to commemorate 50 years of Arunachal Pradesh’s statehood. The ‘Wall of Harmony’, a 24000 sq. ft. landmark public art project at the Secretariat boundary wall in Itanagar concluded the month-long celebrations of the state’s golden jubilee year, says a press release.

A project spearheaded with the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, the ‘Wall of Harmony’ celebrates the pride of Arunachal Pradesh and its people in contemporary fashion, narrating the story of the state with focus on its unique features, standout milestones and its remarkable flora & fauna.

The spotlight also shines on its residents who might belong to different tribes but continue living in harmony, celebrating their collective crafts, iconography & monuments. The ‘Wall of Harmony’ opens a unique window into Arunachal Pradesh, a state with unique history that hosts an incredible heritage, both cultural and natural.

Asian Paints continues to be a significant partner with St+art in creating localised art for the people while beautifying spaces. The murals they create democratise art for locals and also present them with exquisite representations to drive a social connect with on-lookers & dwellers.

Amit Syngle, CEO & MD, Asian Paints Ltd. said, “The Wall of Harmony embodies the energy and essence of Arunachal Pradesh and is beautifully brought to life via this iconic mural. It is an extraordinary piece of art, both in terms of its colossal scale and a delightful visual experience. We want the Wall of Harmony to be an innovative avenue of how people engage and connect with the journey of Arunachal Pradesh.”

Vikas Nagrare, Director – Special Projects from St+art India Foundation said, “While various programs were organised to commemorate the 50 Years of Arunachal Pradesh, the Wall of Harmony will continue celebrating the spirit of Arunachal for years to come. It will develop a sense of pride, belonging and respect among the people for their rich heritage. The Wall of Harmony becomes the open art gallery reflecting different shades of Arunachal Pradesh for the tourists visiting Itanagar.”

Local artists and people were also involved in this project with the aim of motivating the local talent and creating a platform for them to interact with experienced artists from other parts of the country. Apart from the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh, Asian Paints is the main supporter of this project.

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