Sunfeast Dark Fantasy launches ‘Har Tiffin Ki Sweet Ending’ campaign starring Shah Rukh Khan

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy launches ‘Har Tiffin Ki Sweet Ending’ campaign starring Shah Rukh Khan

Kolkata: The internet was abuzz with the question “What’s in Shah Rukh’s tiffin?” over the past few days. It is widely known to his fans that the King of Bollywood carries his own tiffin to the sets. However, no one really knows what he brings in the tiffin!

From film pages to fan pages and celebrities took to social media and shared their deep desire to know “What’s in Shah Rukh’s tiffin”.

The conversation grabbed eyeballs with 9 million views across social media. Fans enthusiastically shared the content, contributing to its viral success and setting the stage for the campaign reveal.

While the internet kept wildly guessing from salads to biryani, SRK finally revealed that like many Indians, he too loves to end his tiffin on a sweet note and carries his favourite Sunfeast Dark Fantasy cookie in his tiffin. Filled with decadent molten choco crème, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy is the ideal post-meal dessert.

Recognizing the universal craving for a sweet treat after a meal, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy has spotted a unique opportunity to enhance the tiffin experience. The brand tapped into the insight that people often end their meals with sweets/desserts at home or in restaurants. This practice is however overlooked in lunchboxes or tiffins.

With this unique insight, the brand has unveiled its latest campaign “Har Tiffin Ki Sweet Ending” starring Shah Rukh Khan. In this campaign, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy presents a convenient and indulgent solution that fits perfectly into any tiffin.

Each Dark Fantasy Cookie offers a molten choco experience at the center and is individually packed for easy inclusion in lunchboxes, making every tiffin’s end sweet and hassle-free.

Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer, Biscuits & Cakes Cluster, Foods Division, ITC, said, “We are thrilled to unveil our latest campaign, ‘Har Tiffin Ki Sweet Ending’ with Shah Rukh Khan. With this campaign, we aim to redefine the way people look at their tiffin. We hope to enhance their consumption habit by offering a dessert experience in a convenient format which elevates their tiffin moments.”

The ‘Har Tiffin Ki Sweet Ending’ campaign will be rolled out across various digital media platforms across the country. The brand is confident that the campaign will resonate with consumers and inspire them to add Dark Fantasy Cookies in their tiffin, lunch and snack boxes as a dessert.

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