There is a growing demand for Shycocan device in Kolkata: Shycocan Corporation CEO

There is a growing demand for Shycocan device in Kolkata: Shycocan Corporation CEO

Kolkata: Shycocan Corporation has launched a one-of-its-kind virus attenuation device ‘Shycocan’, developed by well-known Indian scientist and inventor Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, to curb the spread of Coronavirus in indoor spaces. Shycocan Corporation said that there is a robust demand for this device in Kolkata.

“Several Shycocan devices have already been installed in the city and more enquiries are coming in from institutional buyers who want to protect their customers, employees and visitors from the transmission of Coronavirus at their premises in times of the pandemic. We are also in touch with the authorities to install the device in schools and other educational institutions,” said Alok Sharma, Chief Executive Officer of Shycocan Corporation, during a virtual press interaction.

Alok Sharma said, “Shycocan has been proven to disable the Coronavirus and Influenza virus families in indoor spaces with 99.994% efficacy, as per various virology reports from accredited laboratories worldwide. There is no adverse impact to humans. The Shycocan device is already in use in India and in several parts of the world. There is a rising demand from institutional buyers both in India and abroad.”

He said, “Kolkata is a very important market for us, and we expect to sell several thousand Shycocan devices in the city this year. The installations would ensure the safety of people inside enclosed spaces from the spread of the entire Coronavirus family and Influenza family of viruses.”

The company said that the device is enabling schools, colleges, homes and businesses like hospitals, hotels, offices, restaurants, auditoriums, transportation, retail, and airports get back on track and serve their internal and external customers in a safe environment.

Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, Inventor of Shycocan and the Global Chairman of Organisation De Scalene said, “Shycocan is a well-designed device that is effective and safe and has been thoroughly tested. It neither uses, nor emits radiation, chemicals, ozone or any material that harms humans or the environment. A single device when mounted has an effective coverage area of 1,000 Sq. Ft (or 10,000 cubic feet).”

Dr. Kumar said, “Multiple devices can be installed to cover a larger indoor space. Shycocan has widespread usage across market segments like hospitals, clinics, schools, higher education institutions, banking sector, manufacturing and retail outlets, hospitality sector, government offices, real estate corporations and businesses.”

Shycocan is a specialized device made of a super-alloy after a decade of research which produces Photons of high intensity when excited. Upon striking solid surfaces like particles in the air and tables, chairs, walls, etc. in any space, these photons emit electrons. The electrons get attached to the positive protein on the shell of the Coronavirus and Influenza families of viruses, neutralizing its positive charge and preventing it from infecting other people.

In the presence of Shycocan, anyone touching a previously infected surface will not contract the virus as it would have been attenuated. The Shycocan device provides far greater protection. The super-alloy that generates photons does not deteriorate, due to which Shycocan has a long lifespan and requires minimal servicing and no consumables, the company said.

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