Tips to ensure your clothes stay moisture and germ free

Tips to ensure your clothes stay moisture and germ free

Guwahati: Who doesn’t need little respite from the terrible summer heat? However, monsoon also brings with its own share of laundry woes. Every year, around this time, our cupboards start to emit a foul, musty, damp smell that is usually a consequence of the monsoon humidity.

Just like the body and skin requires extra care during monsoons to avoid infections, similarly, our wardrobes also require certain changes to deal with the issues that come with the rainy season. Dampness and mould are the downside of monsoons. Fungus, mold or mildew growth on clothes may survive for weeks to months and is not only embarrassing but also hazardous for health and therefore taking steps of precautions is the best remedy to keep your home happy while saving yourself from the chaos.

Here is a list of simple tips to get rid of the smell so that your wardrobe starts to feel fresh again:

Try washing your clothes inside out: Another way to get rid of the musty smell during the rainy season is to wash your clothes inside out. This is due to the fact that perspiration and filth prefer to stay to the insides of your clothes rather than the exterior.

Using clothes disinfection: Monsoon can sometimes mean days with limited sunshine. This of course dictates the frequency at which we wash clothes during the season. Using a clothes disinfectant like Savlon Clothes Disinfectant and Refreshing Spray can come in handy if we wish to not wash clothes every day (especially garments that are worn every day including school uniforms, sarees, or layered fabrics like blazers). This spray does not contain Bleach, is gentle on clothes & it not only kills 99.9% virus & germs* (Basis lab study on sample microbes) like molds, fungi and odour-causing bacteria on your clothes but also leaves clothes smelling fresh up to 72 hours# (Basis lab study on sample fabrics).

Drying clothes properly: Leaving clothes to dry on terrace or balcony is not ideal during monsoon. Moreover, drying clothes inside the house can result in a lot of humidity, which is both unhealthy and inconvenient. It will also result in your clothes being only partially dry.

To make sure you don’t end up leaving your clothes damp: Place a bag of salt or rice in the room where your clothes dry. Salt absorbs moisture and keeps the air of your room dry, which makes it easier for your clothes to dry faster; Always use the dryer of your washing machine before hanging your clothes to dry. Also, use hangers whenever possible as clothes that are spread out dry faster; Bacterial numbers may increase in the clothing under humid outdoor conditions; prolonged exposure to sunlight may decrease numbers of fungi.

Avoid stacking clothing: Most individuals place their everyday clothes in a laundry bag or into the washing machine to wash them all together. However, keeping garments in a confined place during the rainy season intensifies the scent over time i.e., storage of the clothing can result in the growth of bacteria and molds under humid conditions, which persists even after washing. Instead, hang the garments individually on a rope and then wash them in the washing machine. 

Always clean your washers: Washing machines are believed to be a significant source of bacteria and fungi that cause malodors in laundry. Many ignore the washer, but it is one area that warrants regular cleaning especially when hygiene is top priority. One can always run the washing machine with a cleaner to remove any contaminants after every few washes. Newer models of washing machines have a dedicated washer cleaning cycle. Make sure you take out any removable dispenser from the washer and disinfect them separately.

Try these tips to take care of your wardrobe and enjoy the monsoon season, free of all worries.

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