Too Yumm! introduces BHOOT Chips in collaboration with Naagin

Too Yumm! introduces BHOOT Chips in collaboration with Naagin

Kolkata: New Age snacking brand Too Yumm! from Guiltfree Industries, a part of the FMCG division of the RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group bids to rekindle the spirit of innovation and taste in the snacking category with this tantalizing and exhilarating new flavour – Too Yumm! BHOOT Chips.

Infused with the searing heat of India’s spiciest Chilli, Bhut Jholokia, Too Yumm! attempts an exceptional collaboration that marks an industry-first; teams up with India’s pioneer Hot Sauce Brand, Naagin, to deliver an unparalleled snacking experience that tantalizes the taste buds and ignites the senses.

Too Yumm! and Naagin, both catering to the preferences of today’s vibrant and dynamic youth, have united to create an exceptional product that not only boasts intense heat but is also astonishingly delectable, making it impossible to resist.

Not content with revolutionizing just the product, Too Yumm! has infused innovation into every aspect of BHOOT Chips. From its distinctive flavor and eye-catching packaging to its evocative name and holistic digital-first approach, the brand has orchestrated an immersive snacking experience.

Brand ambassador Varun Dhawan, aka Masala Guru also shared his experience with their followers, “Fiery on the outside and equally spicy on the inside. BHOOT Chips ka jhatka sach me yaad raha.”

KL Rahul, the renowned Indian cricketer joins Varun Dhawan as the brand ambassador for Too Yumm! Chips. He also expresses his delight for the product through a reaction video, “Too Yumm! Has struck gold again with Bhut Jholokia Chillies – a truly exceptional creation, BHOOT Chips indeed!.”

Embracing a comprehensive digital-first strategy, Too Yumm! has harnessed a myriad of digital platforms to connect with its audience on their preferred channels – including influencer collaborations, engaging AR filters, vibrant Twitter conversations, and more.

Commenting on the launch, Yogesh Tewari, Vice President of Marketing, Guiltfree Industries Ltd. said, “Too Yumm! Being a new age brand always aims to cater to the needs of today’s dynamic youth, and it is this passion to disrupt the category that has birthed this innovative flavour. The team has worked out such a wonder with BHOOT Chips that once tasted, you cannot resist them. The taste and spice blend of these BHOOT Chips is just perfect.”

Mikhel Rajani, Co-Founder of Naagin said, “Innovation and originality is at the heart of all our products at Naagin. When we got the opportunity to work with Too Yumm!, an Indian brand that shares the same values as us, a successful collaboration was inevitable. Adding our twist to their amazing product has led us to the oh-so-wonderful BHOOT CHIPS!.”

The product will be available across trade and e-commerce platforms starting August. The available SKUs are INR 5, 10 and 20 for traditional trade and, INR 60 SKU will be launched in September for modern trade and e-commerce specifically.

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