TTK Prestige launches ‘Multi Pan’ that provides endless possibilities to consumers

TTK Prestige launches ‘Multi Pan’ that provides endless possibilities to consumers

Kolkata: TTK Prestige has announced the launch of its revolutionary kitchen confidant – TTK Prestige Multi Pan, a culinary game-changer that promises to simplify, enhance, and ignite creativity in kitchen appliances.

A universe of flavours in one pan, TTK Prestige’s Multi Pan is an all-in-one solution for crafting a diverse range of dishes.

This remarkable kitchen essential transcends the ordinary, making cooking an art without boundaries. Multi Pan truly lives up to its name, providing a single utensil for many cooking methods.

TTK Prestige Multi Pan frees up kitchen space and saves you from buying multiple utensils for different purposes.

A core aspect of TTK Prestige Multi Pan is its innovative design for unsurpassed versatility. With its five-layer non-stick, induction-friendly, cleaning and cooking is a breeze. Further, the advanced non-stick surface ensures a smooth glide straight onto your plate.

The high-quality stainless-steel steamers help lock in the flavours and nutrients of your vegetables and meat, making the meal all the more wholesome and nutritious.

The Multi Pan provides incredible touch bakelite handles that make it a user-centric design, ensuring safe handling, of keeping the handles cool even during cooking. Its thick tempered glass lid, helps to monitor dishes while cooking while maintaining the right balance of moisture and heat.

TTK Prestige Multi Pan is available at a discounted rate of Rs. 1260 at all leading kitchenware retailers and online platforms.

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